Carole Leslie

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Carole Leslie has worked in the field of employee ownership for more than 10 years.  She has worked on many employee buy-outs and with a diverse range of businesses.  Carole is known for her ability to communicate the message of employee ownership from front line employees to board level executives.  She can work with you from initial concept through to deal completion and beyond.

Carole has many years front line, senior level and board experience, and is qualified with an MA, MBA and MSc.

Carole’s experience of employee ownership began in 2000 working for an employee owned outsourcing business. In 2002 she joined an owner managed IT consultancy which subsequently transitioned through an employee buy out.  In 2005, Carole joined Baxi Partnership Ltd, the UK’s best known consultancy in employee ownership.

In 2010 Carole worked as Policy Director for the members’ body for employee owned businesses, the Employee Ownership Association, where she was instrumental in raising the profile of employee ownership with policy makers and business leaders. She has strong links with the National Centre of Employee Ownership in the US, the Australian Employee Ownership Association, and the nascent Inclusive organisation which is looking to build employee ownership in South Africa.

Carole is now concentrating on helping more businesses make the move to employee owned structures, and working with businesses who want to get the best from their ownership structure.

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